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QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS. → Read more

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From the 80s to Eternity

How BASIC made its way into the 21st century

The BASIC language has been the gateway into programming for countless people. Popular as a beginner programming language in the 80’s and evolving into a powerful professional tool in 90’s, BASIC (and its successor QBasic), helped many people develop a love for programming. These languages provided the foundational learning platform for most of today’s professional developers.

The QB64 project has evolved over the last decade to bring the magic and educational potential of BASIC from its 20th century roots into the modern era. The QB64 project is already in use in both educational and professional contexts and has an active and helpful user community.

Unlike traditional BASIC and QBasic code, QB64 gets compiled automatically into machine code – allowing exceptional performance, easy distribution, and the ability to link with external C and C++ programming libaries. Compatible with most QBasic 4.5 code, QB64 adds a number of extensions, such as OpenGL and other modern features, providing the perfect blend of classic and modern program development.

QB64 is available for all recent Windows, Linux, and macOS versions.

QB64’s interface mimics the old DOS TUIs for nostalgia’s sake, but it is fully customizable.
In this sample code, internal keywords are colored blue, metacommands and user procedures in green and strings in orange. Notice the DECLARE LIBRARY block used to access Windows’ API.

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The debugging features you loved using in QuickBASIC are now available directly from QB64’s IDE to help you squash those hard-to-find bugs in your projects. Get the latest version of QB64.


Design feature-rich graphical interfaces that blend in perfectly with today’s Operating Systems all without leaving BASIC behind. Made with QB64. Get it now!