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<noinclude>This template is used to output text, optionally using a custom color.
<span style="color:{{{2|gray}}}">{{{1}}}</span>
:{{Parameter|text}} - the text.
:{{Parameter|color}} - the color of the text.
* In the first syntax, {{Parameter|text}} is output using the default color ({{Text|gray|gray}}).
* In the second syntax, {{Parameter|text}} is output using the color {{Parameter|color}}, which may be a RGB value in the form #rrggbb, or one of the following names:
:The following MediaWiki markup,
::This text has <nowiki>{{Text|red|red}}</nowiki>, <nowiki>{{Text|blue|blue}}</nowiki> and <nowiki>{{Text|green|green}}</nowiki> colors.
:produces the following output:
::This text has {{Text|red|red}}, {{Text|blue|blue}} and {{Text|green|green}} colors.
</noinclude><includeonly><span style="color:{{{2|gray}}}">{{{1}}}</span></includeonly>

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