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These Tutorials will deal mostly with the improvements from QB 4.5 to QB64, so as to help the user with the new statements introduced in QB64.

Tutorials go from easy to advanced, the tutorials in EASY occasionally have pure QB 4.5 code (for those new to QB 4.5) while MEDIUM and ADVANCED focuses on how to use QB64 statements properly. Work in progress...


Getting started - Installation and creating your first program in QB64.

BASIC Programming Basics - For those new to programming, introduction to BASIC programming (applies to both QB 4.5 and QB64).

Graphics with QB64 - How to display graphics in QB64 (not very in-depth).

Arrays (for beginners) - How arrays work (applies to both QB 4.5 and QB64).


Mouse and Keyboard Input - How the QB64 mouse and keyboard statements work (and techniques of using them properly).

A Small Game Tutorial - Making a small game (includes graphics, controls and arrays).

Arrays (General usage)

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