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These Tutorials will deal mostly with the improvements from QB64 to QB 4.5 (although a bit QB 4.5 is still explained also - as a bonus).

These Tutorials are made with beginners in mind, but can be of value for experts also. Beginners that don't know QB 4.5 can still learn from these tutorials, but statements that are not new to QB64 will not be explained in detail (however, you can learn a lot from the examples, and all keywords in examples are linked to explanations!)

Tutorials go from easy to advanced (but effort has been made to explain all in a easy way).

Getting started - Installation and creating your first program in QB64.

BASIC Programming Basics - For those new to programming, introduction to BASIC programming (applies to both QB 4.5 and QB64).

Graphics with QB64 - How to display graphics in QB64.

Arrays - How arrays work (applies to both QB 4.5 and QB64).

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