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The WRITE statement writes a comma-separated list of values to the screen without spacing.


WRITE [expression, List]


  • expressionList is a comma-separated list of variable or literal values to be written to the screen.
  • Write statement separates displayed values using comma separators(required) that will display on the screen.
  • Leading and trailing number spaces are omitted when displaying numerical values.
  • String quotation marks will also be displayed.
  • Semicolons cannot be used in or following the WRITE statement!

Example: Comparing WRITE to the same PRINT statement.

a% = 123 b$ = "Hello" c! = 3.1415 PRINT a%, b$, c! 'commas display tab spaced data WRITE a%, b$, c! 'displays commas between values, strings retain end quotes

123        Hello      3.1415 123,"Hello",3.1415

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