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An underscore can be used at the end of a line of code to continue a code line to the next line.


IF x + y > 500 AND x + y < 600 THEN_
PRINT x + y


  • The underscore can be anywhere after the code on that line to continue the code to the next line in QB64.
  • Multiple underscores can be used for the same line of code.
  • Comments cannot follow an underscore and are not continued on the next line if they end in an underscore.
  • Modern QB64 keywords are preceded by an underscore, unless $NOPREFIX is used. Variables and user procedures names cannot start with a single underscore.
    • Variables and user procedures names can be preceded by double underscores if necessary.
  • Underscores can be used in the middle of variable, sub procedure or constant names.
  • In PRINT USING an underscore can precede a formatting character to display that character as literal text in a template STRING.

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