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The SYSTEM statement immediately closes a program and returns control to the operating system.


SYSTEM [return_code%]


  • QB64 allows a code number to be used after SYSTEM to be read in another program module by the SHELL or _SHELLHIDE functions.


  • This command should be used to close a program quickly instead of pausing with END or nothing at all.
  • A code can be added after the statement to send a value to the SHELL (function) or _SHELLHIDE function in another module.
  • SYSTEM ends the program and closes the window immediately. The last screen image may not be displayed.


  • QBasic BAS files can be run like compiled programs without returning to the IDE when SYSTEM is used to end them!
  • If a program BAS module is run from the IDE, stopped by Ctrl-Break or an error occurs the QB program will exit to the IDE.
  • To run a QuickBASIC program without the IDE use the following DOS command line: QB.EXE /L /RUN filename.BAS

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