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The STR$ function returns the STRING representation of a numerical value.


result$ = STR$(number)


  • number is any numerical type value to convert.


  • Returns any type number value with leading sign(space/minus) or decimal point when one exists in the numerical value.
  • If number is positive, the STRING value returned will have a leading space character which can be removed using LTRIM$.
  • If number is negative, the minus sign will precede the number instead of a space which LTRIM$ will not remove.
  • Trimming a STR$ string number using RTRIM$ is not required as PRINT creates the undocumented trailing number space.


PRINT STR$( 1.0 ) PRINT STR$( 2.3 ) PRINT STR$( -4.5 )

1 2.3 -4.5

a = 33 PRINT STR$(a) + "10" + "1" + "who" + STR$(a) + STR$(a) + LTRIM$(STR$(a))

33101who 33 3333

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