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The _SNDBAL statement attempts to set the balance or 3D position of a sound.


_SNDBAL handle&[, x!][, y!][, z!][, channel&]]


  • handle& is a valid sound handle created by the _SNDOPEN function.
  • x! distance values go from left (negative) to right (positive).
  • y! distance values go from below (negative) to above (positive).
  • z! distance values go from behind (negative) to in front (positive).
  • channel& value 1 denotes left (mono) and 2 denotes right (stereo) channel (beginning with build 20170811/60)


  • Attempts to position a sound in 3D space, or as close to it as the underlying software libraries allow. In some cases, this will be true 3D positioning, in others, a mere volume adjustment based on distance alone.
  • Omitted x!, y! or z! SINGLE values are set to 0 or not changed in build 20170811/60 onward.
  • By setting the x! value to -1 or 1 it plays the sound at full volume from the appropriate speaker.
  • Sounds at a distance of 1 or -1 are played at full volume. Sounds further than a distance of 1000 cannot be heard.
  • The volume decreases linearly (at a constant gradient) over distance. Half volume = 500.
  • An "Illegal Function Call" error can occur if another sound is using the primary or same channel position.
  • Opened sound files must have the "VOL" capability to use this statement in versions before build 20170811/60.


Example 1:

h& = _SNDOPEN("LOL.wav", "SYNC,VOL") _SNDBAL h&, 1 _SNDPLAY h&

Example: Loading a sound after build 20170811/60 - no need to specify "sound capabilities" in _SNDOPEN.

s& = _SNDOPEN("song.ogg") PRINT "READY"; s& _SNDPLAY s& _SNDLOOP s& xleft = -1 xright = 1 DO k$ = INKEY$ SELECT CASE k$ CASE "f" xleft = xleft - 0.1 _SNDBAL s&, xleft, , , 1 CASE "g" xleft = xleft + 0.1 _SNDBAL s&, xleft, , , 1 CASE "h" xright = xright - 0.1 _SNDBAL s&, xright, , , 2 CASE "j" xright = xright + 0.1 _SNDBAL s&, xright, , , 2 CASE "n" volume = volume - 0.1 _SNDVOL s&, volume CASE "m" volume = volume + 0.1 _SNDVOL s&, volume CASE "p" _SNDPAUSE s& CASE " " _SNDPLAY s& CASE "i" PRINT _SNDPLAYING(s&) PRINT _SNDPAUSED(s&) SLEEP CASE "b" _SNDSETPOS s&, 110 CASE "l" _SNDLIMIT s&, 10 PRINT "LIM" SLEEP CASE "k" _SNDSTOP s& CASE "c" _SNDCLOSE s& SLEEP s2& = _SNDOPEN("song.ogg") CASE "d" s2& = _SNDCOPY(s&) _SNDPLAY s2& END SELECT LOCATE 1, 1 PRINT xleft, xright, volume, _SNDGETPOS(s&); " " LOOP

Code by Johny B

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