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REM allows explanatory comments, or remarks, to be inserted in a program. REM statements extend to the end of the line and the text is ignored when the program is run.


REM this is a comment
' this is also a comment


  • REM may only be used where statements are allowed unlike apostrophe comments which may be included anywhere.
  • REM must appear as the last, or only, statement on a line. Any following statements are included in the comment text and ignored.
  • QBasic metacommands like $INCLUDE must be included in a comment using either REM or '.
  • Apostrophe comments, unavailable in earlier dialects of the BASIC language, are now generally favored over REM statements for their greater flexibility.
  • Comments are also useful for disabling code for program testing and debugging purposes.


Example: Avoiding an END IF error.

REM This is a remark... ' This is also a remark... IF a = 0 THEN REM this statement is executed so this is a single-line IF statement IF a = 0 THEN ' this comment is not executed so this is a multi-line IF statement and END IF is required END IF

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