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A quotation mark delimits the start and end of a literal STRING value.

Usage: string_value$ = "This is a text STRING."

  • The quotation mark must delimit the ends of a string or text prompt in a PRINT, WRITE, INPUT or LINE INPUT statement.
  • The IDE may add a missing quotation mark at the end of a statement or function.
  • LINE INPUT allows quotation marks to be entered as user input. The LINE INPUT (file statement) can transfer quotation marks.
  • Quotation marks should be used when commas are used in a literal WRITE or INPUT (file statement) text string.
  • To insert quotation marks in a PRINT statement insert CHR$(34) using string concatenation or semicolons.
  • String values can be concatenated or added using the plus (+) operator. Cannot be used to combine numerical values!
  • Concatenation MUST be used when combining literal string values in a variable definition.
  • String values can be combined with other string or numerical values using semicolons or comma tabs in a PRINT statement.
  • Literal DATA strings do not require quotation marks unless the value is a keyword, uses commas or has end spaces.

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