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Parenthesis are used to enclose SUB and FUNCTION parameters or to set the operation order in Mathematical Operations.

Usage: COLOR 14: PRINT TAB(30); "Hello World"

Hello World

  • SUB parameters MUST be enclosed in parenthesis when the CALL statement is used. Do not use parenthesis without CALL.
  • Parenthesis can be used in calculations to determine the order in which math operations are performed when the normal order would not work correctly. Normal operation order is: 1) exponential, 2) multiplication or division 3) addition or subtraction.
  • Parenthesis can also denote the array index or the dimension size(s) in a DIM statement.
  • Instead of BYVAL, use extra parenthesis around sub-procedure call parameters to pass them by value instead of by reference.
  • Extra pairs of brackets have no effect on the code! If one is missing the IDE should tell you.

Example: Using too many brackets does not harm the code execution as long as they are paired up.

nmb$ = STR$(100) nmb$ = LTRIM$(((RTRIM$(nmb$)))) 'extra bracket pairs do not affect the code PRINT nmb$

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