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The POS function returns the current print cursor text column position.


column% = POS(0)

  • The value in parenthesis is normally 0, but any numerical value or variable could be used for compatibility with Basic.
  • When a semicolon ends the previous PRINT statement the cursor column position will be after the last character printed.
  • If TAB or a comma is used the column position will be immediately after the tabbed position normally 9 spaces after text
  • If a PRINT statement does not use a semicolon or comma at the end, the return value will be 1 on the next row.
  • Column position returned can be saved to return to a previous print position later using LOCATE.

Example: Column positions after prints.

PRINT POS(0) 'column position always starts on 1 at top of new or after CLS PRINT "hello"; 'column position is 6 on same row immediately after text PRINT POS(0) PRINT 'start new row PRINT "hello", 'column position is 15 on same row (normally tabs 9 spaces) PRINT POS(0) PRINT 'start new row PRINT PRINT POS(0) ' column position is 1 on next row

Note: Column tab prints may not always move 9 spaces past the center of the screen. Some may move text to next row.

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