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The LOF function is used to find the length of an OPEN file in bytes.


totalBytes& = LOF([#]fileNumber)


  • LOF returns the number of bytes in an OPENed designated fileNumber. File is empty if it returns 0.
  • fileNumber is the number of the opened file. # is not required.
  • Often used to determine the number of records in a RANDOM access file.
  • Can also be used to avoid reading an empty file, which would create an error.
  • LOF in QB64 can return up to 9 GB (9,223,372,036 bytes) file sizes.


Example: Finding the number of records in a RANDOM file using a TYPE variable.

OPEN file$ FOR RANDOM AS #1 LEN = LEN(Type_variable) NumRecords% = LOF(1) \ RecordLEN%

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