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Your programs can communicate with each other using a TCP/IP connection, One as host and the other as a client. The following program demonstrates how to transfer data from one program to another program running simultaneously.

Preparation: Copy the following code to two modules with different names. Start both programs and watch how data is transferred.

SCREEN _NEWIMAGE(512, 512, 256) DIM a(511, 511) AS INTEGER 'an array we'll send x = _OPENCLIENT("TCP/IP:1234:localhost") 'try to connect to a host IF x = 0 THEN 'couldn't be client, so become a host 'put some data into array a FOR xx = 0 TO 511 FOR yy = 0 TO 511 a(xx, yy) = xx * yy NEXT NEXT PRINT "(Try running two copies of me at once!)" PRINT "Waiting... (Press any key to end)" x = _OPENHOST("TCP/IP:1234") DO z = _OPENCONNECTION(x) IF z <> 0 THEN PUT #z, , a() 'send array a to any client that connects CLOSE z PRINT "Array data send to client!" END IF _LIMIT 10 LOOP UNTIL INKEY$ <> "" PRINT "Finished!" END END IF 'connect to host as a client PRINT "Conected to host. Reading data..." DO GET #x, , a() _LIMIT 100 LOOP UNTIL EOF(x) = 0 'wait until enough data to fill the array arrives FOR xx = 0 TO 511 FOR yy = 0 TO 511 PSET (xx, yy), a(xx, yy) NEXT NEXT CLOSE x PRINT "That's how you share data folks!" 'G@lleon

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