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The _FONT statement sets the current _LOADFONT function font handle to be used by PRINT.


_FONT fontHandle&[, imageHandle&]


  • fontHandle& is the handle retrieved from _LOADFONT function, the _FONT function, or a predefined handle.
  • If the image handle is omitted the current image _DESTination is used. Zero can designate the current program SCREEN.


  • Predefined QB64 font handle numbers can be used before freeing a font:
    • _FONT 8 - default font for SCREEN 1, 2, 7, 8 or 13
    • _FONT 14 - default font for SCREEN 9 or 10
    • _FONT 16 - default font for SCREEN 0 (WIDTH 80, 25 text only), 11 or 12
    • _FONT 9, 15 and 17 are the double width versions of 8, 14 and 16 respectively in text SCREEN 0 only.
  • Unicode characters can be assigned to a monospace font that contains those unicode characters using the _MAPUNICODE TO ASCII mapping statement. The optional IME cyberbit.ttf font included with QB64 can also be used.
  • Can alpha blend a font with a background screen created by _NEWIMAGE in 32 bit color.
  • Check for valid handle values greater than 0 before using or freeing font handles.
  • Free unused font handles with _FREEFONT. Freeing invalid handles will create an "illegal function call" error.
  • NOTE: SCREEN 0 can only use one font type and style per viewed SCREEN page. Font size may also affect the window size.


Example: Previewing a font in SCREEN 0. A different true type font can be substituted below.

fontpath$ = ENVIRON$("SYSTEMROOT") + "\fonts\lucon.ttf" 'Find Windows Folder Path. DO: CLS DO style$ = "MONOSPACE" PRINT INPUT "Enter A FONT Size 8 TO 25: ", fontsize% LOOP UNTIL fontsize% > 7 and fontsize% < 26 DO PRINT INPUT "Enter (0) for REGULAR OR (1) for ITALIC FONT: ", italic% LOOP UNTIL italic% = 0 or italic% = 1 DO PRINT INPUT "Enter (0) for REGULAR OR (1) for BOLD FONT: ", bold% LOOP UNTIL italic% = 0 or italic% = 1 IF italic% = 1 THEN style$ = style$ + ", ITALIC" IF bold% = 1 then style$ = style$ + ", BOLD" GOSUB ClearFont font& = _LOADFONT(fontpath$, fontsize%, style$) _FONT font& PRINT PRINT "This is your LUCON font! Want to try another STYLE?(Y/N): "; DO: SLEEP: K$ = UCASE$(INKEY$): LOOP UNTIL K$ = "Y" OR K$ = "N" LOOP UNTIL K$ = "N" GOSUB ClearFont PRINT "This is the QB64 default _FONT 16!" END ClearFont: IF font& > 0 THEN _FONT 16 'select inbuilt 8x16 default font _FREEFONT font& END IF RETURN

NOTE: ENVIRON$("SYSTEMROOT") returns a string value of: "C:\WINDOWS". Add the "\FONTS\" folder and the .TTF font file name.

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