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The _ERRORMESSAGE$ function returns a human-readable description of the most recent runtime error, or the description of an arbitrary error code passed to it.


e$ = _ERRORMESSAGE$(errorCode%)


  • Used in program error troubleshooting.
  • The message returned is identical to the message shown in the dialog box that appears if your program has no error handler. See ERROR Codes for the full list of error codes and their messages.


Example 1: Using an error handler that ignores any error.

ON ERROR GOTO Errhandler ' Main module program error simulation code ERROR 7 ' simulate an Out of Memory Error PRINT "Error handled...ending program" SLEEP 4 SYSTEM ' end of program code Errhandler: 'error handler sub program line label PRINT "Error"; ERR; "on program file line"; _ERRORLINE PRINT "Description: "; _ERRORMESSAGE$; "." BEEP ' warning beep RESUME NEXT ' moves program to code following the error.

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