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_DONTWAIT is used with the SHELL statement in QB64 to specify that the program shouldn't wait until the external command/program is finished (which it otherwise does by default).


SHELL [_DONTWAIT] [commandLine$]


  • Runs the command/program specified in commandline$ and lets the calling program continue at the same time in its current screen format.
  • Especially useful when CMD /C or START is used in a SHELL command line to run another program.
  • QB64 automatically uses CMD /C or COMMAND /C when using SHELL.
  • QB64 program screens will not get distorted or minimized like QBasic fullscreen modes would.


SHELL _DONTWAIT "notepad " + filename$ FOR x = 1 TO 5 _LIMIT 1 PRINT x NEXT

(opens up notepad at the same time as counting to 5)

1 2 3 4 5

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