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The _DISPLAYORDER statement defines the order to render software, hardware and custom-OpenGL-code.




  • _SOFTWARE refers to software created surfaces or SCREENs.
  • _HARDWARE and _HARDWARE1 refer to surfaces created by OpenGL hardware acceleration.
  • _GLRENDER refers to OpenGL code rendering order


  • The default on program start is: _DISPLAYORDER _SOFTWARE, _HARDWARE, _GLRENDER, _HARDWARE1
  • Any content or combination order is allowed, except listing the same content twice consecutively.
  • Simply using _DISPLAYORDER _HARDWARE will render hardware surfaces only.
  • Use an underscore to continue a code line on a new text row in the IDE.
  • After _DISPLAYORDER has been used, it must be used to make any changes, even to default.


  • If a rendering content is not listed it will not be rendered except when using the startup default.
  • Rendering the same content twice consecutively in a combination is not allowed.


  • Version 1.000 and up.

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