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The _CONSOLE statement can be used to turn a console window ON/OFF.



  • _CONSOLE OFF or ON must be used after the $CONSOLE Metacommand has established that a console window is desired.
  • _CONSOLE OFF turns the console window off once a console has been established using $CONSOLE:ON or ONLY.
  • _CONSOLE ON should only be used after the console window has been turned OFF previously.
  • _DEST _CONSOLE can be used to send screen output to the console window using QB64 commands such as PRINT.
  • _SCREENHIDE or _SCREENSHOW can be used to hide or display the main program window.
  • The $SCREENHIDE Metacommand can hide the main program window throughout a program when only the console is used.
  • Note: Text can be copied partially or totally from console screens in Windows by highlighting and using the title bar menu.
To copy console text output, right click the title bar and select Edit for Mark to highlight and repeat to Copy.


Example 1: Hiding and displaying a console window. Use _DELAY to place console in front of main program window.

$CONSOLE _CONSOLE OFF 'close original console _DELAY 2 _CONSOLE ON 'place console above program window _DEST _CONSOLE INPUT "Enter your name: ", nme$ 'get program input _CONSOLE OFF 'close console _DEST 0 'destination program window PRINT nme$ END

Explanation: The destination must be changed with _DEST _CONSOLE to get INPUT from the $CONSOLE screen.

Example 2: _CONSOLETITLE can be used to create a console title, but it must be redone every time the console window is restored once turned off:


Note: Some versions of Windows may display the program path or Administrator: prefix in console title bars.

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