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The _CLIP option is used in a QB64 graphics PUT to allow placement of an image partially off of the screen.


PUT [[[STEP]]](column, row), image_array(start)[, _CLIP] [{XOR|PSET|AND|OR|PRESET}][, omitcolor]


  • _CLIP should be placed immediately before the PUT action if used. XOR is default when not used.
  • The offscreen portions of the image will be the omit color.
  • GET can get portions of the images off screen in QB64.


Example: Placing an image partially or fully offscreen.

DIM mypic(500) SCREEN 13 CLS CIRCLE (10,10),10 GET (0,0)-(20,20), mypic(0) PRINT "This program puts an image off screen." PRINT "Select which option you'd like to try." PRINT "1 will produce an illegal function call." PRINT "1 is putting without _CLIP." PRINT "2 is putting with _CLIP PSET." PRINT "3 is putting with _CLIP XOR." PRINT "4 is putting with _CLIP PSET, 4." INPUT sel IF sel = 1 THEN PUT (-10, 10), mypic(0), PSET ' this causes an illegal function call IF sel = 2 THEN PUT (-10, 10), mypic(0), _CLIP PSET ' allows graphic to be drawn off-screen IF sel = 3 THEN PUT (-10, 10), mypic(0), _CLIP ' uses the default PUT XOR operation IF sel = 4 THEN PUT (-10, 10), mypic(0), _CLIP PSET, 4 ' doesn't draw red pixels END

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