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The CLEAR statement clears all variable and array element values in a program.


CLEAR [, ignored& , ignored&]


  • All parameters are optional and ignored by QB64.
  • Normally used to clear all program variable and array values where numerical values become zero and string values become empty ("").
  • It does not clear constant values.
  • Closes all opened files.
  • $DYNAMIC or REDIM arrays will need to be redimensioned or an error will occur when referenced because they are removed.


Example: Using CLEAR to clear array elements from static arrays or arrays created using DIM.

CLS DIM array(10) 'create a $STATIC array array(5) = 23 PRINT array(5) CLEAR PRINT array(5)

Note: If you change DIM to REDIM a "Subscript out of range" error will occur because a $DYNAMIC array is removed by CLEAR.

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