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The CINT function rounds decimal point numbers up or down to the nearest INTEGER value.


value% = CINT(expression)


  • expression is any TYPE of literal or variable numerical value or mathematical calculation.


  • Values greater than .5 are rounded up. Values lower than .5 are rounded down.
  • Warning: Since CINT is used for integer values, the input values cannot exceed 32767 to -32768!
  • Use CLNG for LONG integer values exceeding INTEGER limitations.
  • Note: When decimal point values are given to BASIC functions requiring INTEGERs the value will be CINTed.


Example: Shows how CINT rounds values up or down as in "bankers' rounding".

a% = CINT(1.49): b% = CINT(1.50): c = 11.5 COLOR c: PRINT a%, b%, c

1 2 11.5

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