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The _BLINK statement toggles blinking colors in text mode (SCREEN 0). Default state is ON.




  • SCREEN 0 emulates the VGA palette with regular colors from 0 to 15 and blinking colors from 16-31 (these are the same colors as 0-15, except their blink attribute is set to on). _BLINK OFF emulates writing to the video memory and disabling blinking for colors 16-31.
  • Using colors 16-31 for the foreground with _BLINK set to OFF will produce high intensity background colors.
  • _BLINK is only effective in SCREEN 0. It's ignored in graphic modes.
  • IF _DISPLAY is used, blinking is disabled, even if _BLINK is ON, but high intensity backgrounds aren't enabled in this case.


  • Build 20170816/61 and up).


COLOR 16, 7 PRINT "This is printed in black over gray background. Black letters are blinking." PRINT "Hit a key..." SLEEP _BLINK OFF PRINT "Now the same text is printed in black over bright white, because blinking was disabled."

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