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A argument or parameter is information that a statement, sub, function or metacommand needs to carry out the task it has been given. Sometimes a argument can be optional and is not needed for the task to be carried out, in such case it will use a default instead of the argument when carrying out the task.

It is currently not possible to make arguments optional in user-defined SUBs or FUNCTIONs, but Galleon (the creator of QB64) is planning that functionality in the future.

Arguments that are optional will be enclosed with [ and ] brackets in syntax descriptions.

More than one argument or parameter are separated by commas.


Example 1: The color argument in PSET is optional

SCREEN 13 PSET (160, 100) PSET (165, 100), 15

Example 2: Must place a comma to seperate arguments if you use any other argument after it.

SCREEN 13 LINE (160, 100)-(170, 110), , B LINE (162, 102)-(168, 108), 4, BF

As you can see in the above example some statements have special arguments like B and BF in this case (B stands for Box and BF stands for Box Fill), if the argument isn't used then it will create a ordinary line.

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