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The $NOPREFIX metacommand allows all QB64 functions and statements to be used without the leading underscore (_).




  • QB64-specific keywords are by default prefixed with an underscore, in order to differentiate them from legacy keywords inherited from QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5.
  • The convention exists in order to allow older code to be loaded and compiled in QB64 without naming conflicts with existing variables or constants.
  • If you are writing new code with QB64, and not importing code from QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5, $NOPREFIX allows you to reduce typing by not having to use underscores in modern keywords.
  • SUB _GL still must be prefixed.
  • When $NOPREFIX is used, QB64 keywords can be used both with or without the leading underscore, so that both _DISPLAY and DISPLAY are valid in the same program, for example.
  • $NOPREFIX must be the first non-comment and non-whitespace line in a program.


  • Version 1.4 and up.

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