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The $ERROR metacommand triggers a compilation error.




  • The Metacommand does not require a comment or REM before it.
  • MESSAGE is any text. Quotation marks are not required.
  • When QB64 tries to compile an $ERROR metacommand a compilation error is triggered and MESSAGE is shown to the user. This is useful in $IF blocks.


  • If there is a particular situation where you know your program will not work properly, you can prevent the user compiling and give them a helpful error message instead by checking for the condition with $IF.
  • An $ERROR directive not inside an $IF (or $ELSEIF) block is useless because the program will never compile.


$IF VERSION < 2.1 OR WINDOWS = 0 THEN $ERROR Requires Windows QB64 version 2.1 or above $END IF

Output: Compilation check failed: REQUIRES WINDOWS QB64 VERSION 2.1 OR ABOVE on line 2 (assuming your version of QB64 doesn't meet those requirements).

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