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The SPACE$ function returns a STRING consisting of a number of space characters.


result$ = SPACE$(count%)


  • count% is the number of space characters to repeat. Cannot use negative values!
  • Semicolons can be used to combine spaces with text STRING or numerical values.
  • Concatenation using + can be used to combine STRING text values only.
  • Spaces are often used to erase previous text PRINTs from the screen.
  • The function result can also be used to GET and PUT a number of bytes as zero characters: bytes$ = SPACE$(numbytes)
  • Spaces can also be made using SPC, CHR$(32) or STRING$(n%, 32).


FOR count% = 0 TO 3 PRINT "abc" + SPACE$( count% ) + "def" NEXT count%

abcdef abc def abc def abc def

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