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The _SNDBAL statement attempts to set the balance or 3D position of a sound.


_SNDBAL handle&[, x!][, y!][, z!]


  • Attempts to position a sound in 3D space, or as close to it as the underlying software libraries allow. In some cases, this will be true 3D positioning, in others, a mere volume adjustment based on distance alone.
  • x distance values go from left(negative) to right(positive).
  • y distance values go from below(negative) to above(positive).
  • z distance values go from behind(negative) to in front(positive).
  • Omitted x, y or z SINGLE values are set to 0.
  • By setting the x value to -1 or 1 it plays the sound at full volume from the appropriate speaker.
  • Sounds at a distance of 1 or -1 are played at full volume. Sounds further than a distance of 1000 cannot be heard.
  • The volume decreases linearly (at a constant gradient) over distance. Half volume = 500.
  • Opened sound files must have the "VOL" capability to use this statement.
  • The sound file should have the "SYNC" capability when more than one sound is being used at the same time!
  • An "ILLEGAL FUNCTION CALL" error can occur if another sound is using the primary or same channel position.


_SNDBAL h&, -1 'sound coming from the left

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