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The _PRINTMODE statement sets the font printing mode on a background image.


_PRINTMODE mode[,image_handle]


  • If the image handle is omitted it will use the current destination image background.
  • One of 3 mode keywords is mandatory when using this statement to deal with the text background.
  • _KEEPBACKGROUND (mode 1): Text background transparent. Only the text is displayed over anything behind it.
  • _ONLYBACKGROUND (mode 2): Text background is only displayed. Text is transparent to anything behind it.
  • _FILLBACKGROUND (mode 3): Text and background block anything behind them like a normal PRINT. Default setting.
  • Use the _PRINTMODE (function) to find the current _PRINTMODE setting number.
  • NOTE: The _PRINTMODE statement and function can only be used in graphic screen modes, NOT SCREEN 0

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