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PLAY is a statement that plays music.

Syntax: PLAY commandstring

The commandstring can consist of the following commands:
  • On - Sets the current octave (n can be between 0 to 6), example "O3"
  • Nn - Plays the note n (n can be between 0 to 84, where 0 is a rest), example "N42"
  • < - Down one octave (cannot get below 0).
  • > - Up one octave (cannot get above 6).
  • A, B, C, D, E, F or G - Play A-G in the current octave, you can use + or # for sharp and - for flat, example "C#"
  • Ln - Sets length of a note (n can be 1 to 64 where 1 is a whole note and 4 is a quarter of a note etc.), example "L4"
  • Tn - Sets quarter of notes per minute (n can be 32 to 255 where 120 is the default), example "T180"
  • MS - Each note plays 3/4 of length (staccato)
  • MN - Each note plays full length (normal)
  • ML - Each note plays 7/8 of length (legato)
  • Pn - Pause in the duration of n quarternotes (n can be 1 to 64), example "P32"
  • MF - Play music in the foreground (each note must be completed before the other can start).
  • MB - Play music in the background (the background buffer can only hold 32 notes in QuickBASIC, QB64 have no limits)
  • X + VARPTR$(string-expression) - execute another command string.

Example: PLAY "c3 l16 a+ b- cdl8efl4gl16 p32 deggdel4gp1614c-p16l8cecdel4dl10c"

Explanation: (explained parts are shown in bold and separated from the rest)

"c3" means the same as "l3 c", setting the length to one third of a whole note.

a+ means A sharp (or a# which you can also use).

b- means B flat.

p32 means to pause 32 quarternotes.

You can use spaces in the string for clarity without affecting anything.

See also:' PLAY(n), ON PLAY (n), SOUND, DRAW


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