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Qbasic Metacommands are commands that are commented out and start with $.


REM $INCLUDE: 'QB.BI' 'loads a reference file or library
REM $DYNAMIC 'enables resizing of array dimensions with REDIM
REM $STATIC 'arrays cannot be resized once dimensioned
$CHECKING:OFF 'disables QB64 C++ event checking (do not comment or use a space before OFF)

  • Qbasic Metacommands are normally used at the program start and are in effect throughout the program.
  • $CHECKING: OFF should only be used with errorless code where every CPU cycle counts! Use ON to re-enable event checking.
  • QB64 event $CHECKING is NOT commented out and there is no space before OFF or ON!
  • $INCLUDE can be used at the beginning or at the end of program SUB procedures. Placing the reference elsewhere creates a QB64 compiler error!
  • $STATIC makes all arrays STATIC or unchangeable in size. Use DIM only!
  • $DYNAMIC allows larger arrays that are changeable in size. Use REDIM for changeable sizes! _PRESERVE preserves contents.
  • Metacommands should have their own program line since they are commented out.

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