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The EXIT statement is used to exit certain QBasic procedures.




  • EXIT leaves any of the following procedures immediately.
    • EXIT DO exits a DO...LOOP.
    • EXIT WHILE exits a WHILE...WEND loop.
    • EXIT FOR exits a FOR...NEXT counter loop.
    • EXIT SUB exits a SUB procedure before it ends. Use before any GOSUB procedures using RETURN.
    • EXIT FUNCTION exits a FUNCTION procedure before it ends. The value passed by the function's name should be defined.
    • EXIT SELECT exits a SELECT CASE block.
    • EXIT CASE does the same as EXIT SELECT unless when used in a SELECT EVERYCASE block; in such case, execution proceeds to the next CASE evaluation.
  • EXIT statements normally use an IF...THEN statement to evaluate a program condition that would require the EXIT.
  • To exit a program and allow the last program screen to be displayed with the message "Press any key to continue...", use END.
  • To exit the program immediately, use SYSTEM.


  • EXIT SELECT/CASE available with v1.5.
  • All other variants available in all versions of QB64.

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