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The _DROPPEDFILE function returns the list of items (files or folders) dropped in a program's window after _ACCEPTFILEDROP is enabled.


Syntax 1

nextItem$ = _DROPPEDFILE

Syntax 2

nextItem$ = _DROPPEDFILE(index&)



  • Version 1.3 and up.


Example: Accepting files dragged from a folder and processing the list received by specifying an index.

SCREEN _NEWIMAGE(128, 25, 0) _ACCEPTFILEDROP 'enables drag/drop functionality PRINT "Drag files from a folder and drop them in this window..." DO IF _TOTALDROPPEDFILES THEN FOR i = 1 TO _TOTALDROPPEDFILES a$ = _DROPPEDFILE(i) COLOR 15 PRINT i, IF _FILEEXISTS(a$) THEN COLOR 2: PRINT "file", ELSE IF _DIREXISTS(a$) THEN COLOR 3: PRINT "folder", ELSE COLOR 4: PRINT "not found", 'highly unlikely, but who knows? END IF END IF COLOR 15 PRINT a$ NEXT _FINISHDROP END IF _LIMIT 30 LOOP

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