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The STOP statement is used to stop program execution when troubleshooting a program or to suspend event trapping.



  • STOP used in the Qbasic IDE does not close any files or go to the operating system. It returns to the IDE.
  • In the QB64 compiler, STOP closes the program window and returns to the IDE when the code is compiled from there.
  • STOP is ONLY used for debugging purposes and should not be used to exit programs!
  • STOP can also be used to suspend an event trap in the following statements: KEY(n), COM(n), PEN, PLAY, STRIG(n), TIMER, UEVENT. The trap can be turned back on with ON and returns any trap events since STOP was used.

Example: When run in the Qbasic IDE, the program will return to the IDE at STOP. Press F5 to finish the program.

PRINT "start" SLEEP 3 STOP PRINT "resumed"

Explanation: QB64 will STOP the program and close the window as it does not have an interpreter to run the rest of the code.

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