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The PSPad Editor is a highlighter editor for Windows that can be used to edit and compile QB64 text BAS files.

Download site of PSPad Editor

Download of QB64.INI to be placed in the PSPad Syntax folder.(Right click to save)
(This file will be updated when new QB64 keywords are added)

Editor Setup
  • In the Settings Menu choose the Highlighter Settings and select QB64 box from the list of programming languages.
  • Colors Tab: set code text highlighter colors and fonts.
  • Compiler Tab:
  • Compiler: set the compiler path to the QB64.EXE compiler.
  • Parameters: set the parameter as -c %Dir%%Name%
  • Run after compilation: set the file name to run as %Name%
  • Check the 3 boxes below the entry boxes.
  • In the Settings Menu choose Program Settings. Select Program(part 2) and UNCHECK Follow compilation progress in Log.
  • To compile a program press Ctrl + F9.

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