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The _MOUSEMOVEMENTX function returns the relative horizontal position of the mouse cursor as positive or negative values.


horizontalMove = _MOUSEMOVEMENTX

  • Returns the relative horizontal cursor pixel position compared to the previous cursor position. Negative values are moves to the left.
  • Note: A _MOUSESHOW statement will disable _MOUSEMOVEMENTX or _MOUSEMOVEMENTY relative mouse movement reads.
  • Can also be used to check for any mouse movements to enable a program or close Screen Saver Programs.
  • Sets the mouse to a relative movement mode which can be read by _WHEEL instead of _AXIS as mouse device 2.


Example 1: Since values returned are relative to the last position, the returns can be positive or negative.

SCREEN 12 PX = 320: PY = 240 'center position DO: _LIMIT 200 DO WHILE _MOUSEINPUT PX = PX + _MOUSEMOVEMENTX PY = PY + _MOUSEMOVEMENTY LOOP CLS CIRCLE (PX, PY), 10, 10 LOCATE 1, 1: PRINT PX, PY LOOP UNTIL INKEY$ = CHR$(27) 'escape key exit

Example 2: MOD is used to keep horizontal movement of the circle and cursor inside of the SCREEN 13 window(320).

SCREEN 13, , 1, 0 DO: _LIMIT 200 DO WHILE _MOUSEINPUT x = x + _MOUSEMOVEMENTX y = y + _MOUSEMOVEMENTY LOOP x = (x + 320) MOD 320 'keeps object on screen y = (y + 200) MOD 200 'remove if off screen moves are desired CLS CIRCLE (x, y), 20 PCOPY 1, 0 LOOP UNTIL INKEY$ <> "" 'press any key to exit

NOTE: When using the function this way, give the user a keypress exit option. Make sure the user has some way to exit that is not dependent on clicking the X button.

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