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This page is maintained for historic purposes. The usage of the DECLARE keyword explained below isn't required/implemented in QB64. QB64 ignores any occurrences of DECLARE SUB/FUNCTION when older code is compiled. For the modern usage of the DECLARE keyword (for external C procedures), see DECLARE LIBRARY.

The DECLARE statement is used to tell Qbasic that a SUB or FUNCTION is to be used in the program with specific parameter types.



DECLARE {SUB|FUNCTION} ProcedureName ([parameter AS type[, ...]])

  • QB64 ignores DECLARE SUB or FUNCTION statements, so define the parameter TYPEs in the SUB procedure!
  • Parameters MUST be placed in parenthesis separated by commas when necessary.
  • Empty parenthesis are required when no parameters are used.
  • Declarations should be placed at the top of the main program code after Metacommand and DEF statements if used.
  • Parameters can be defined in a DECLARE statement AS INTEGER, SINGLE, DOUBLE, LONG, STRING or ANY.
  • The Qbasic IDE can automatically DECLARE a SUB or FUNCTION once the procedure is called and the module is Saved.
  • If a procedure is never called, it will not be automatically be DECLAREd by the Qbasic IDE when the program is saved.

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