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The QB64 Debugging Utility

Author: Fellippe Heitor
Source: QB64 Forum
URL: http://www.qb64.org/vwatch
Release Date: 2015-2017
Tags: debug
Download from qb64.org: vWATCH64.zip


You wrote your own code, you know what's going on behind the scenes. But do you, really? What about those unexpected results you keep getting? What about the eventual crashing? Don't you wish you could have a better way to debug it?

Well, pal, here's vWATCH64!

vWATCH64 is a real-time debug/variable watch utility to help with programs written in QB64. vWATCH64 generates a modified version of your source file, allowing for breakpoints and real-time variable watch.

vWATCH64 is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux.

With vWATCH64 you can: