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QB64 Text Editor

Author: Luke
Source: QB64 Forum
URL: http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?topic=12231.0
Release Date: 2014
Tags: text editor, sxript
Download from qb64.org: QED.zip

If you'll excuse the pun in the name, QED stands for QB64 Editor - it's just another text editor really. When it's finished, it will handle multiple files, fully-customisable key bindings, QB indentation and formatting, and god knows what else! The code is now spread across multiple files, so I've attached it all in an archive. Just download, extract and compile the qed.bas file. If you press Ctrl-? (probably using the shift key to get the ?) you'll get a listing of all the key bindings. Because the help routine isn't finished yet, it just dumps it all on the screen at once, probably scrolling it off. Be sure to resize the window to nice and big before you do this. Also, be sure to delete any qedrc and qedkbd.map files you may have lying around from previous versions. It also now ships with the Sxript evaluator as standard. Surround your math with ([ and ]), place the cursor after the end, and press Ctrl-M (M for maths, of course!). I've not tested this extensively, so please report and mangling.